Message From the Staff Team

Please note that staff members try to follow specific guidelines when giving out punishments. However, each case is different and it is up to the trained staff to choose the option that they feel is appropriate for each and every case.

General Rules

  1. Respect all players. Harassment and bullying is never tolerated.
  2. No griefing, destroying land that is not yours, or stealing.
  3. If you discover a bug or glitch, report it to staff in Support Chat immediately. Sharing the bug/glitch with others or exploiting it further will result in punishment.
  4. Do not ask staff for advantages, such as free items or in game money.
  5. Do not argue with the decision of any staff member. If you truly believe a punishment is unfair, please fill out a form in Punishment Appeals.
  6. Do not attempt to evade punishment on alternative accounts.
  7. Do not use alternative accounts for advantages on your main account. Doing so is punishable by ip-ban.
  8. Do not use hacks, non-approved mods, or other gameplay altering modifications such as resource packs that allow you to gain unfair advantages. Additionally, hacked, illegal, non-premium, and/or offline accounts are not allowed. If you would like to suggest a mod for approval, please do so in the #suggestions channel in our Discord server.
  9. AFK machines and lag-causing autofarms are not currently allowed. You may make autofarms if they do not cause lag. If you have questions about what qualifies as such, please ask first in Support Chat.
  10. Each player is not allowed to have more than 25 animals of each kind. This does not include pets claimed with the pet plugin or mounts claimed with the mount plugin. Again, this to prevent lag. Town mayors are responsible for the chunks they have claimed and should notify their residents if they have issues with this.
  11. All packages and ranks on the donation store are non-refundable. Attempting to commit fraud on the donation store will result in an immediate and permanent ban.